About the author

Jonathan’s journey through Asia began in disastrous fashion in 2006, when he ventured to Phuket in Thailand and promptly spent a week redecorating his bathroom after a severe bout of food poisoning. Inauspicious beginnings aside, he ventured on undaunted to Singapore, where in late 2007 he started work at a travel media company. As well as contributing to the local edition of Time Out’s magazine and website as a writer and sub-editor, he edited two sections whose subjects remain close to his heart: music and bars. In the meantime he took ample advantage of his particularly fortunate situation to undertake a series of adventures around South-East Asia, and often wrote about them.

Here you’ll find a potted history of Jonathan’s journey through the region, by road, rail, river and air, over the last eight years. All human life is here: from the Japanese artist polishing gems in Bali and the brilliant architects re-shaping Singapore to Vietnamese refugees in the Philippines and the German hotelier trying to bring global fame to an obscure Indonesian island, the work showcased here represents a colourful cross-section of modern Asia through the time-honoured medium of travel writing.

Over the coming months Jonathan will add a host of other articles from the last decade to this website, from his considered ruminations on modern music and somewhat sardonic restaurant reviews to his insights into the Singaporean comedy scene, as well as interviews with the architects, entrepreneurs and artists shaping the region in the 21st century.

In the meantime, you can find him scribbling and snapping at the following portals: